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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
. the brother-in-law believes the fire started in the kitchen area. >> banks will. >> let's go down to l.a. these are the live pictures coming from laws and as we see the space shuttle endeavor. it is making its way through the streets of laws and lawsl.a.. live picturea 12 mi. distance between3 >> welcome back to the kron for more news the heartbreaking loss and open as the athletics were eliminated from the postseason by the detroit tigers. they want 6-00 fans were upset in the coliseum. this the a's first trip to the playoffs since 2006. the reason they have done so well this season is because of the outfielder cocoa crisp. everybody was cheering us on >> that is a great feeling. >>cheers >> these fans were absolutely amazing. the fans made it that way. we had a great year this is frustrating when you're that close. >> debt was the amazing part the fans stay around and cheering on the athletics. the detroit tigers will face the yankees or the orioles. on to the tigers will face the yankees or the orioles. on to the giants, victoriously in final out as the giants defied the odds beatin
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am PDT
have the giants chested a victorious in cincinnati they defy the laws at well beating the cincinnati reds in a historical come back. >>cheering >> is of guts from both baseball this is the best in the world the best in the league. >> what happened here i could not be proud of a bunch of guys that came in here to do what they did. that is quite a task. it was against all odds and they found a way to get it done. >> it was a nail biter and lay several offoked 6c1 str angeles roadways. the youngest of the shuttle fleet in denver to 25 times over to the decade life span. we're still tracking gas prices. prices are actually coming down by a little more. today's average in san francisco's $4.71 a gallon down 2ยข from yesterday's in oakland the average $4.64 that is also down to since the same story in san was a state's average, best-down a couple of pennies. the ticket over to the whether department and find out about the forecast for today. >> good morning the wet weather is out of our area widespread cloud covers were waking up to. expecting a mild day of brown cooler tem6 c1 pushed tow
Oct 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
slammed the president over his health care law and economic policies. >> florida is among several swing states. it holds 29 of the electorate votes needed to win in november. >> will note that we are just days away from the first and only presidential debate and the candidates are preparing for that match up on the heels of the first presidential debate. politicians from both parties are weighing in on who they say will come out on top. >> i think the vp debates are very important. i think that joe biden is incredibly gifted and it comes to the bidding at understanding policies. >> vice president biden will do very very well. he knows what's been going on. he is in touch with the american public. and i just hopeful that mr. ryan will tell the truth. >> while foreign and domestic policy issues will both be in place for questioning. it is the only vice presidential debate for this election. >> we will have both of dp and the presidential debates coming up in their entirety news channel. the nights they are still to happen to to comcast 1 and 93 to watch live on in to what the coverage of
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
spotty showers on a cult line supplements law right now. around menlo park, palo alto it depends on where you are. i don't think we will see a chance of showers into the afternoon so we focused our attention on your day parts. we do have cloudy conditions now do with him mix of sun and clouds in the afternoon. a quiet weather pattern with a bit of a warm up as we transition into the weekend. full details coming up in your 7 day around the bay forecast. in the meantime it is a chilly 66 and richmond. a chilly afternoon low 60s if you're heading to ocean beach. the downtown san francisco at 62 degrees. here's a quick look at your baseball forecast heading to the a's came the first pitch is at 6: 37 tip key is will be of the low 60s. we will be continued being with morning faulkne. uppr seventies by saturday's low 80s by sunday and will continue with a warming trend as we start the next workweek. in the traffic center still quiet no hot spot to alert you to. no place to speak of traffic with no marin like to deal with. here to san mateo bridge westbound 92 taillight out towards foster city.
Oct 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
this ended up striking the message. the complete law back in chains --all the debates are tough but i'm looking for to. >> president obama told abc news he has confidence in his running mate. congressman bryant iryan is a st and of effective speaker. >> the reminder the vice presidential debate is tonight a presidential debate is set for october 16th in new york. you cannot both of them are bay area news channel on your comcast channel 193. are to get our signal of care to the to the digital channel 4.2. coming up the kron for more news to have an update with today's hot headlines and update >> a man was trapped for four hours under a pile in miami. 10 workers were hurt when the roof of that five story structure collapsed on the campus of miami dade college. one person is still unaccounted for because of that class is being investigated. if you ever plaister car's airbag in the past three years take note those air bags could be an unsafe take. the national highway traffic administration issued a warning that counterfeit airbags not work properly. they used a demonstration video we wil
Oct 9, 2012 4:00am PDT
northbound direction. it is just past the 380 interchange. the law showing up on the maps as because of construction that has not yet been picked up. that should be about 6:00 or in the next 10 minutes of the curve should be out of their with the three left lanes open back up. this still an 18 minute drive from on the creek to dublin. at 16 minutes from the 1 01 northbound to the capitol expressway. the marin write a still uneasy one from the one on one southbound it is under 25 minutes from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >> to as coming in as a video of jerry sandusky are arriving this m+ int hearing. he a shackled and his prison uniform. his wife arrived separately and we do know that they're supposed to be at least half a dozen victims coming to the stand during this hearing before his sentence. and they will talk about a were victimized and what it did to them and their families. there's an almost delusional audio to listen to the families. he was calling them into question. that would get underway in about 10 minutes. >> other stories that we're watching bay area baseball. at
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6